Parallax Investments, LLC


Parallax Investments, LLC is in the business of providing quality investment management services to individual investors. To find out if Parallax Investments, LLC can help you achieve your financial goals, please click on the “Contacts” link above to contact us and find out more about our philosophy and services.

Definition of Parallax

A view from a different perspective. In astronomical terms, the measurement of stars positions in the universe by first measuring a star’s location from the earth on a specified date, then obtaining the “parallax view” six months later when the earth is “one astronomical unit” away, on the opposite side of the sun.

Investment Management

Parallax Investments, LLC is a US-based asset management firm. We provide a highly-individualized portfolio for each client and develop strong relationships based on open lines of communication. The Asset Manager, John P. Bott, II has worked in financial products of all types since 1975. These many years of experience include working with Investment Securities, Fixed Income, Futures, Options, Stocks and Mortgage Backed Securities, Government Issued Debt and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Comprehensive Planning

Financial, estate or risk management planning is nothing more than deciding where you want to go and letting us help get you there. Parallax Investments, LLC will provide a preliminary assessment that will include a list of concerns and observations regarding your situation.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Parallax Investments, LLC works with some of the premier retirement plan providers in the industry and local third party administrators to deliver plans designed to fulfill objectives set forth by our clients. We would be happy to assist you in evaluating existing plans, presenting alternatives, and coordinating the implementation of your corporate retirement plan.


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